Başiskele termals 160 million health and thermal facilities

Whenever I meet Hüseyin Ayaz, the Mayor of Başiskele, I take a headline.

When I talk to the project-rich Dear Hussein Ayaz, I am proud of what they have brought to Başiskele.

Last week we talked with Hüseyin Mayor about politics, most of 2018 elections and AK Party, we ring many people’s ears.

Basiskeleluys fate will change u Health and Thermal ır and 12 es sera ini project that will contribute to the economy of the people of the region.

But the output flow rate of 55 degrees below the surface of a thousand meters below 30 liters per second, the average 2.5 tons of water flowing for 6 months had to be wasted.

The flow, minerals and continuity of the water were regretted not to be evaluated despite the fact that it was documented with university reports to establish a thermal facility.

Most of the hotels in Gölcük Municipality and in the region Termal transportation water “and” Health and Thermal Tourism ler advertising is not kept promises.

The thermal water obtained when the pump is used, 2 times the facilities of Yalova Thermal will be installed, with high flow rate of 6-7 thousand tons reached also we think Hüseyin President was not unfair.

Muğla, Mersin, Samsun, even when I work in Diyarbakir, I know the tourism projects implemented with Mr. Governor Hussein Aksoy Basiskele’nde thermal water we talked several times.

Mr. Governor President Ayaz’dan received information, would help, said it would support.

Although the months passed, the flow of water, minerals and continuity of the new reports will be prepared to say, “Tourism, we will support every project that will bring tourism to the region,” said the Governor did not sound.



While waiting for the new reports, the investor and entrepreneur businessmen who saw the 55 degree water flowing from under a thousand meters below the ground flowing 7/24, took action to establish ından Health and Thermal Tourism Facilities un to Başiskele.

Hüsamettin Örkmez, who announced that they will establish isk Veysel Karani University ve in Başiskele with the identity of Kocaeli Branch President of Siirt Education and Charity Foundation, gave a good news that this time he will establish Baş Health and Thermal Tourism Facilities sel in Başiskele as a business man.

I spoke with Hüsamettin Örkmez, who is the chairman of the board of directors of MRC Fuel Oil and Consultancy Company, and who is doing international business, yönetim Health and Thermal Tourism Facilities MR.

. It is true that we are working to evaluate the thermal water coming out of Başiskele. Değerlendir We have 13 thousand 600 square meters in the region. We are planning to invest between 145 and 160 million TL for the thermal plant. Hotel, 1 + 1 suite, 2 + 1 apartment and work on the concept of comfort. We attach great importance to visuality and green space. Construction of 42 percent of the land, 48 percent of the green field, 10 percent will be other equipment, “he said.

Husamettin Bey, approximately 160 million ın Health and Thermal Tourism Facilities ”will be launched in the first week of March, he said.

Başiskele Mayor Hüseyin Ayaz had infiltrated the memorization by extracting water at 55 degrees within a thousand meters of the earth.

Hüsamettin Örkmez, a businessman and investor who works in the international field, is preparing to make Başiskele am Thermal and Health Tourism Center ak by having 7/24 wasted thermal water.

Good luck! The other investors.