Our values

MRC Holding values developed by taking power from the principles and values of M. Hüsamettin ÖRKMEZ are guiding principles and behaviors that guide us in our daily professional life, reflect our culture, direct them towards our vision and goals.

To support employees and the company to contribute to the society and the country’s economy.

To understand the current and future expectations of domestic and foreign customers, to create a stable and permanent customer satisfaction.

Spreading positive energy to the environment, positive impact on the work environment with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, fast results towards their goals and to develop suggestions that will make a difference.

To put forward their knowledge, skills and abilities and to be confident in achieving results.

Always behave in accordance with business ethics and discipline, to be an example by acting honestly, openly and consistently.

Taking responsibility to achieve common goals. To work in harmony with the sense of belonging of our staff and to appreciate the labor and success put forward.

To follow the innovations and to support the development by taking part in new applications, to be an entrepreneur.

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