Within the framework of our sustainability approach, we carefully evaluate the impacts of our activities on the environment, people and society, aim to eliminate the negative effects and create a dynamic that everyone can benefit from and share the resulting value.

The ethical principles we consider within the scope of sustainability are an integral part of our business, environmental sustainability, human rights, occupational safety, supplier relations and corporate citizenship.

So far, that is effective in the development of Turkey’s capital markets and we owe our success to our present understanding of what makes us different.

In addition to our overall sustainability understanding that shapes our way of doing business in every field, we are developing complementary, specific approaches that vary according to the sectors in which we operate and the different effects of these sectors. Based on the general approach, sustainability issues can be prioritized by different sectors. While the impacts on climate change, local people and employee health are prominent in our mining and energy companies; biodiversity and occupational safety issues are among the top priorities in our port operations.

In 2018, when we accelerated our sustainability efforts, we established the Sustainability Committee, where different business units were represented to carry out all environmental, social and managerial issues. From the next year on, we are committed to sharing our performance through sustainability reports by improving our sustainability strategy with the support and contributions of our stakeholders every year.

At MRC Holding, we continue our activities with a view to reducing our environmental impacts and managing these impacts responsibly. Within the framework of the Environmental Policy, the office focuses on reducing energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, preventing and recycling our wastes, and expecting all of our subsidiaries to manage their operations with a similar approach to our environmental policy and management system with industry-specific adaptations. In addition to these practices, we regularly conduct environmental impact assessments before creating new areas of activity.

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