MRC Holding and its affiliated subsidiaries consider the quality – price balance and timeliness as well as the social and environmental criteria when choosing the supplier companies they work with. While working with subcontractors, suppliers and other partners, it is preferable to work with partners who act in accordance with our Environmental Policy. In addition, suppliers participating in social initiatives are also evaluated as positive. MRC Holding strictly observes the criteria for the selection of suppliers for child labor and the strict prohibition of forced labor. When selecting the supplier, the supplier is in compliance with the quality standards, environment-friendly, timely and fulfilling the product requirements.

After the market research of the product or service to be procured in Fuel Oil, Energy and Construction, suppliers who are rated above a certain point are selected in accordance with the supplier evaluation criteria. Antalya Port is performing supplier performance evaluation according to the product or service provided. The companies undergoing such evaluation are taken into the Approved Supplier List.